Registered offices hosting in Romania for company incorporation

Company incorporation in Bucharest, Romania

In Romania, the necessary documents in order to start the procedure for a company set-up with foreign shareholder/administrator are the following:

  • Copy of Passport/Passports
  • Copy of Identity Card
  • Copy of Location Contract – for the Registered Office (a residential property CAN be used for business purposes!);
  • Identification Data or Copy of owners’ identification documents (if applicable)
  • 3 versions for name reservation

The price for a company incorporation starts from 850 RON (=190 Euro) – fees, taxes & VAT included.


NEW – Reinvent Consulting puts at your disposal registered offices in Bucharest – Romania.Commercial companies in Romania - registered offices hosting

If you do not possess a commercial or a residential property in Romania for the future registered office of your company, you can choose our service of registered office hosting. The service includes also:  mail receiving and mail notification.
By “registered office hosting” we do not understand “to rent offices”, so you will NOT be able to use the location for your daily business activity but only to register your commercial company in Romania.

After registering your office in Bucharest, you will be able to open work places anywhere in Romania.
For a S.R.L. type of company (which is the equivalent of a Ltd.) a minimum social capital of 200 lei is required (“lei” is the Romanian currency; 4,5 lei = 1 Euro).

Call +40 21 318 6960  for other details about Reinvent Consulting`s services!

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