Guide for Company Incorporation in Romania in 10 steps and 3 days

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Company Incorporation in Romania, steps for company formation in Romania Reinvent Consulting
Company Incorporation in Romania Reinvent Consulting

Company formation in Romania – See the steps and the costs for company incorporation in Romania.

To be prepared is half the victory!” – Miguel de Cervantes

Do you have an idea for a business, do you have the resources, the know-how and plenty of enthusiasm? If yes, you’re ready to start your own company.

An informed person has every chance to succeed, so here are the steps you need to take in order to incorporate your business:

Step 1. Choose the type of legal entity that best suits you: SRL, SRL-D, SA, PFA etc.

Step 2. Choose the associates and appoint the administrators (as the case may be).

Step 3. Reserve the company name: a strong brand starts with the choice of the best name!

You should think of 3 name variants, one of which will be the final one. The name reservation is valid for 90 days, and the incorporation documentation must be filed with the Trade Register Office in this lapse of time.

Click here for the “Company Name Generator” app and play with your ideas!

Step 4. Choose the location of your company’s registered office:

There are 2 options: one is to sign a lease/bailment agreement, the other one is to have the registered office hosted by an attorney’s practice.

Special offer: “registered office hosting in a modern office building in Bucharest”, from 5 euros/month.

Step 5. Choose the company’s main Objects and the secondary ones

Step 6. Draw-up the articles of incorporation

Step 7. Pay the capital stock: at least 200 RON for a SRL (LLC). A bank account must be opened to this avail.

Step 8. Have your specimen signature certified and make the affidavit concerning the capacity of administrator/associate – this is done by the administrator/associate before a notary public.

Step 9. Put together the documentation for the Trade Register

The necessary documents for your incorporation file:

  • Copy of the Associate(s)’s ID card or passport
  • Copy of the Administrator(s)’s ID card or passport
  • A copy of the deed for the registered office (it must contain the identification information of the owners);
  • The consent paper signed by the Owners’ Association, and by the neighbours whose property walls adjoin the property which will be your registered office; if you choose to have your registered office hosted by an attorney’s practice, these approvals are no longer necessary;
  • Affidavit from the Associate / Sole Associate and Administrator
  • Administrator’s specimen signature

Step 10. Submit the file with the Trade Register Office (ONRC): apart from the documentation mentioned above, three more documents will have to be filed with the Trade Register: a registration request (“Cerere de inregistrare”), a statutory declaration (“Declaratie pe propria raspundere”) and the Fiscal Vector Annex.

If the documentation is complete, the Trade Register will issue the Company’s Registration Certificate within three days.

However, the simplest way is to work with one of Reinvent Consulting’s expert consultants!

Spare yourself the trouble and team-up with a consultant from Reinvent – they will provide the best advice for you and your business!

We know that any beginning is tough and costly, so we have prepared a special package of services, tailored to the needs of start-ups:

  1. Company formation in Romania: the lowest fees on the market – 320 RON for the incorporation of a sole-administrator SRL (LLC) – the price includes the taxes charged by the Trade Register, VAT and our fee;
  1. Financial reporting and bookkeeping: starting from 150 RON per month;
  1. Registered office hosting in a modern office building;

Special Offer: “Pay for 1 year of hosting and receive 2!!!! Pay for 4 years of hosting and receive 4 years!!!!”

  • 59 euros – 6 months of hosting services
  • 111 euros – 1 year + 1 FREE YEAR of hosting services!!!
  • 199 euros – 2 years + 2 FREE YEARS of hosting services!!!
  • 250 euros – 3 years of hosting services

* The prices listed above are VAT exclusive.

  1. Basic secretarial services – reception of mail and notification thereof: FREE!

Offers for entrepreneurs:

Company incorporation in Romania FREE OF CHARGE! Choose now company formation in Romania! Amendments to your company’s statutory documents, FREE OF CHARGE! Choose the offer that best suits you!

  • The START-UP Package: Free company incorporation, if you purchase our bookkeeping services, with payment in advance for 6 months.
  • The START-UP EXTENDED Package: Free company incorporation, free logo (3 proposals), and a presentation website for only 300 RON, if you purchase our bookkeeping services with a 6 month down payment and our registered office hosting service with payment in advance for at least 1 year.
  • The BUSINESS Package: If you purchase our bookkeeping services and make a 6 month down payment, you will benefit from one of the following operations FREE OF CHARGE: opening of operations site, closure of operations site, extension of registered office validity period, extension of secondary offices validity period, obtainment of authorization for specific activities, company information updating, re-codification according to the 2nd revised Classification of Activities in the National Economy (CAEN rev. 2).

The fees for our bookkeeping services start at 175 RON /month and they depend on the type of legal entity, on the number of the company’s employees and the number of documents to be processed. The services are performed and supervised by accounting experts, certified by the CECCAR, CCFR and CAFR.

Pay in instalments! If you hold a credit card issued by Raiffeisen Bank, Banca Romaneasca or Banc Post you may pay any of the packages above in six equal instalments.

For further details, please call one of our consultants: 021-318.69.60.

Why choose Reinvent? Because we reinvented the journey to getting you your business!

Reinvent Consulting is a trademark belonging to the company group REINVENT.

Reinvent Consulting has 10 years of experience in the field of integrated services for company incorporation, bookkeeping, registration of amendments with the Trade Register (change of registered office, change of company objects, opening/closing of operations site, transfer of social shares, appointment/revocation  of the administrator), registration of trademarks with the OSIM and other related services dedicated to companies.

If you do not own a property where you could register your company’s registered office, you may benefit from our registered office hosting services.

For further details, please contact us at the telephone number (+4)021.318.69.60 or the e-mail address One of our consultants is at your disposal from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 5.30 pm.


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