Company incorporation in Romania

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Company incorporation Romania – The process of incorporating a company consists of 4 phases:

Company incorporation Romania
Company incorporation Romania

1. Putting together the documentation
2. Filing it with the authorities
3. Analysis of the file by the authorities
4. Release of the company’s statutory documents

I. Find out which papers must be contained in your file by accessing the Incorporation Papers page.

These documents must meet strict content and form requirements, or else the incorporation request may be denied or delayed.

This is why it is recommended that they be done by specialists.

II. The second phase takes place at the Trade Register Office and it consists of:

  • Presenting the file to the clerk, for review
  • Correcting any errors/inaccuracies (on the spot, if possible)
  • Submitting the file or withdrawing it for correction/completion (as the case may be)
  • (In case the file is submitted) reception of the tax calculation sheet and payment of the relevant taxes
  • Filing the calculation sheet and the corresponding tax receipts with the registry and issuance of a registration-request acknowledgement.

III. File analysis

Previously, the analysis of the file was done during the Court session. Currently, it is done by the reviewers appointed by the Director of the Trade Register.

  • If need be (if any issue arises), you should be prepared to argue your case before the reviewer.
  • Issues that remain unresolved may cause delays of up to 5 weeks, for the file to be analyzed again.

In order to avoid any problems that may arise during this phase, or the previous ones, it is highly recommended that you work with experienced consultants.

IV. In order to pick-up your company’s documents, you may need to wait for 1 h – 1.5 h at the Document Release Office within the Trade Register, and sometimes you may actually need to make a second trip to the Trade Register (when the documents take longer to process or sign).

The law stipulates that the Trade Register must process your request in 3-5 working days. The duration of the previous phase, that of putting together the documentation, will depend on how quickly you provide us with copies of your ID documents, of the title deed for the registered office and – if such be the case – the Affidavit and the Specimen Signature.


The papers needed for company incorporation in Romania: 

  • Copy of the Associate(s)’s ID card or passport;
  • Copy of the Administrator(s)’s ID card or passport;
  • A copy of the deed for the registered office (it must contain the identification information of the owners) and, if applicable, of the property hosting the operations site;
  • The company name reservation;
  • The bailment agreement (lending of the property for use as registered office);
  • The Articles of incorporation of the company;
  • Affidavit from the Associate / Sole Associate  (and Administrator, if applicable), done in front of a notary public;
  • Specimen signature;
  • Proof of payment of the capital stock (a separate file must be put together for the bank!);
  • The consent paper signed by the Owners’ or Tenants’ Association (both for the registered office, and the operations site – if the two are separate and if applicable);
  • The incorporation request;
  • The Annex regarding the entity’s fiscal registration;
  • A statutory declaration for the obtainment of authorizations.

Of all the above, we need you to provide us with:

  • Copy of the Associate(s)’s ID card or passport;
  • Copy of the Administrator(s)’s ID card or passport;
  • A copy of the deed for the registered office;
  • 3 proposals for the company name.

The Associate/Sole-Associate Affidavit (and the Administrator Affidavit, if applicable) and the Specimen Signature are usually done before a notary public, but they may also be done before the Judge. (If you do them before the judge, you save money, but you waste time; if you do them before a notary public, you save time, but there are fees to be paid).

All the other documents that must be included in your file will be drawn-up by us.

Team-up with our reliable consultants in order to avoid the 7 queues at the Trade Register, to have a mistake-free file and to spare yourself any unnecessary delays.

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