Documents required for establishing in Romania a branch of a company based abroad

The necessary documents required to establish in Romania a branch of a company based abroad are the following:

  1. Application for registration (original);
  2. Decision of the statutory body with responsibilities regarding setting up branches and designating the person authorized to represent the branch;
  3. Memorandum of Association and merchant statute abroad, if they are contained in separate documents, together with all amendments to those documents or updated memorandum – certified copy and translation done by an accredited translator whose signature is authenticated by a notary public;
  4. Document enabling the person/the persons who will represent the branch, if it was not named in the decision of the statutory body (copy translated and certified, appostilled);
  5. Documents of identity of persons entitled to represent the branch (- copies of passport and identity card);
  6. (If the trader is from EU members states,) the trader’s financial records of abroad, as they are prepared, audited and published in accordance with the law of governing foreign trader;
  7. Certificate of registration issued by the Trade Register from the trader`s country, attesting existence of the company (- certified copy and translation, appostilled);
  8. If appropriate, records regarding: opening a judicial or extrajudicial insolvency of the foreign trader; Dissolution of the company from abroad, the name and powers of liquidators, the completion of liquidation; Closure of the branch.
  9. Certificate of creditworthiness from a bank (from the trader`s country).
  10. Tax record certificates for the representatives who are legally domiciled / resident / established in Romania (or foreign natural or legal persons who are fiscally registered in Romania ) or, where appropriate, the individual statement, authentic, on its honor, of the foreigner in his own name or as representative of the legal person; the statement must mention that the person has no financial debts to be paid to Romanian State. (original document, notarized).
  11. Declarations given by the persons empowered to represent the branch, which shows that they meet the legal requirements for holding that status (original and, where appropriate, copies translated and notarized, appostilled);
  12. Specimen signatures of representatives of the branch (original);
  13. Documents regarding the HQ of the branch (copy of the contract);
  14. Statement-type of honor signed by the empowered persons to represent the branch (in original), showing, where appropriate, that:

– the branch is not engaged, at the HQ, in the activities reported, for a maximum of 3 years (model 1);
– the branch meets the operating conditions under the legislation specific to healthcare, veterinary, environmental and labor protection for activities specified in the declaration-type (type 2).

15. If applicable:
– Where appropriate, the notice of change of destination collective buildings housing scheme, provided by Law no.
230/2007 (entered on the form-type, original);
– Other notice under special laws (copy);
– Special authorization (in true form), lawyers or persons designated to carry out mission
legal formalities (the original).

16. Documents of payment of fees / legal fees:
– Judicial taxes in the original;
– Charges of the trade register;
– Judicial stamps;
– Rate of publication in the Official Gazette (“Monitorul oficial al Romaniei”), Part IV.

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