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Company incorporation – when is the obtainment of the clearance from the neighbours and the condominium owners’ association necessary?

A clearance signed by the neighbours and the condominium owners’ association is needed whenever a company is incorporated and the intended registered office is a property located in a condominium or one which has neighbours that may be directly affected.

Said clearance must contain:

  • The signatures of the adjoining neighbours
  • The signature of the Condominium Owners’ Association’s Chairperson
  • Consent from the Executive Committee of the Condominium Owner’s Association
  • Stamp of the association

It is important that the neighbours who are directly affected (the adjoining neighbours, namely the condominium units below, above, to the left and to the right) approve of the use of the property in question as registered office (regardless of whether actual activities are carried-out therein or not) or as operations site.

In case the condominium / residential complex does not have a Condominium Owners’ Association, the property’s owner must make a written statement that the property in question is not part of any Owners’ or Tenants’ Association. However, the clearance from the adjoining neighbours remains necessary in this case as well.

If the property that is intended for use as registered office is a house, the neighbours’ approval is no longer necessary, nor is the statement regarding the nonexistence of a condominium owners’ association.

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